Friday, April 10, 2009

Where to begin

These last few weeks have been quite eventful around here. Unfortunately, I neglected to document them regularly here so I'll once again be stuck with a summary!

Several weeks ago, we had the delightful pleasure of meeting my cousins family. They were driving across the country from Washington (yes, the state, not the city) and came through Williamsburg. H1 was able to take one day off so we could join them in their sightseeing, and then I took a second afternoon with H3 to say hello for a bit longer before they left. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing my cousin again. His family is so sweet and it was wonderful to finally meet his wife after all the emails we've exchanged! Below are some pictures of my cousins family having a little fun outside the courthouse in Colonial Williamsburg.

The next week is when everything started moving a bit faster. We signed a new lease on a house and are in the process of moving yet again. 5 times in not even 4 years now. I really hate moving. This new place is about twice the size of what we're in now, so we're finally moving out of the storage unit (hurray!), but it's also a mess. I've been running over there in the afternoons to paint and clean, trying to get things ready for us to be in by the 22nd of this month. The power is being turned on today, finally, so I'll be able to get a steam cleaner in there for the carpet and see if the appliances work. The stove is older than I am (we're guessing around 30 years old, maybe?) and the washer/dryer are about my age as well. I know that the only way to turn the washer on right now is with a pair of pliers! Can you guess what I'll be replacing as soon as we get back from NY this summer? I would do it now, but we're only going to be in the house for about 6 weeks before we move, and after all this chaos I don't feel like hunting down anything else on craigslist (already had to buy a fridge, area rugs to cover yucky linoleum, and a buffet for the dining room for storage). The landlord wasn't willing to clean up the place at all after the last tenant moved out, and I'm pretty sure that tenant didn't clean the entire time he lived there, but the price is right for the amount of space we're getting, so here goes! I may be offline for a bit as we try to get things moved over, but we'll see. Another teacher from H1's school is taking over the lease where we live, and she's living in H3's bedroom while we finish moving out (she had to get out of her other place due to.....we'll just say stuff), so the power and everything is still on at our "old" place.

In other news, we leave tomorrow morning for a trip out to Washington State! Our flight is at 1:00pm, and we're supposed to arrive around 8:00 tomorrow night in Seattle. We're staying with Bethany, my college roommate, and her family. My folks are also flying out from OH, but are staying with my aunt and uncle. The main purpose of the trip is to see my mom's parents, and my grandmother has't been doing too well. Both of my mom's siblings and their families will be joining us on Monday for a dinner and family photo session at my grandparents home. I haven't seen this set of grandparents in 19 years, so I'm really excited to see them. Other than 2 of my uncles and my former roommate, no one else living out there has met H1 (or H3), so I'm happy to be able to introduce them. Of my cousins (6 of us total) from my mom's side of the family, I think I'm the only one married. Anyways, I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures when we get back!

During the trip I'll be studying a lot for my class. I'm missing a lot of work and will have a mid-term exam when I return--ewww. I still like this class though and am enjoying the work. It's an ever-changing field and presents a challenge!

Off to clean and pack more things--both for the trip and the move. More later!