Monday, February 20, 2012

A Tiny Bit of Snow!

We had a snow day today! Ok, there was already no school thanks to the holiday weekend, but the snow was enjoyable anyways. We only had a couple inches and it began to melt almost immediately because it’s been so warm. H1, H3, and I had a good time though. Since H3 is still pretty sick, we only let her come outside for about 15 minutes. This is the only snow we’ve had this year, and I would have felt bad if she had to miss it completely. She’s doing better today than the past couple days. The snow was quite exciting for her and she had a great time outside helping Daddy build a snowman.

Auntie Amber bought a new dress-up dress for H3, an official Rapunzel dress. H3 was ecstatic and has been wearing it all day!


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Despite the up and down temperatures and fighting illnesses, we’ve still been trying to spend time together as a family doing enjoyable activities. Since I’m still working, I’m also making sure that I spend a lot more quality/productive time with H3 when I’m off.

We met my friend Robyn and her daughter, Julie, over in Williamsburg one day for our girls to have some fun at a park.

Afterwards, we took them to lunch at Panera and then browsed around Barnes and Noble. The girls loved the Lego block set in the middle of the store!

We also stopped in a girls’ clothing store to see if there were any sales. Our girls found plenty to amuse themselves, can’t you tell?

H3 and I made homemade animal crackers one afternoon. She likes them plain, but I prefer them with honey spread on the top! Mmmmmm. They are made with whole wheat flour and oats as the base, and not a whole lot unhealthy for you, so they provide a nice filling snack!

A couple Saturdays ago, I was driving toward the ferry and Williamsburg to meet up with some ladies from church to go to a salt spa. I was really looking forward to the day—a chance to relax and spend some time with friends. Less than 6 miles from the ferry I felt my car lurch. For a moment, I hoped everything was ok and I could continue my trip, but seconds later I heard that tell-tale thumping sound that accompanies a flat tire. I was on a 2-lane highway with no shoulder, so I pulled partially onto the grass and hopped out to take a look. Yep, completely flat rear tire. Since I’m not supposed to lift a lot of weight right now, I called H1 and he said he’d get H3 in the car and come get me. While I was waiting for them, I pulled the spare and all the tools to change the tire and then sat back. H1 was able to change the tire pretty quickly. While he was doing that, I walked back alongside the highway and found the culprit. A 3 inch bolt. Apparently if you hit one at 55mph, it will puncture your tire. So much for my spa day. H1, H3 and I took both vehicles for a 30 mile drive to the nearest place we could get a new tire. Pizza ended our day, which I have to say was good despite all. My tire flattened, but I didn’t get in an accident, and I was able to have a good time at dinner with my family.

Valentine’s Day was fun this year. We celebrated the weekend before, mostly. H3 got cards and a cute heart purse from her grandparents, and a card from her Pop-pop. Pop-pop also sent this adorable gift box with candy and a plush puppy inside.

H1 gave me a box of chocolate covered strawberries…

And a bouquet of roses! Since Valentine’s Day was on a Tuesday and we were both working, we didn’t go out for a special dinner this year. It was still sweet though, and I think we all enjoyed a special day to say “I love you”.

20 weeks pregnant…

H3 working on an alphabet puzzle yesterday morning after breakfast.

A family trip we took to the Portsmouth Children’s Museum. H3 enjoys the train room.

H1 likes the bubble room

Of course H3 likes it too

Outside the house on the second floor of the museum.

Checking out a picture of a planet in the little telescope.

Rockets made from soda bottles.

Yesterday ended with a long drive to Hampton and a visit to an urgent care. H3 has had a cold/allergy thing going on for the past couple weeks. Last Monday, our family doctor put her on Amoxicillian in hopes that it would help clear this thing out of her system. She’s had difficulty breathing and a lot of coughing at night, though during the day it’s just a runny nose and coughing. Well, late yesterday afternoon her temperature spiked to 103.9. Something just didn’t seem right to me, especially considering the week of antibiotics, and I wasn’t confident that waiting until Tuesday would be a good thing. The doctor at the urgent care tested for the flu, which was negative, and checked for mono, but her stomach and throat didn’t match up for that either. An x-ray showed her lungs are clear, so that’s good. He said that based on her symptoms and the fact that there is a sudden onset of a high fever following a couple weeks of this cold-thing (despite the antibiotics), he thinks she is developing a viral pneumonia. We’re supposed to finish the initial round of antibiotics, but he didn’t want to add any others to it and I agreed with him. What we’re doing now is watching her temperature for the next 4 days to see if the fever will go down on its own and monitor her coughing to make sure she doesn’t get fluid in her lungs. The urgent care is planning to call us on Monday to see how she is doing and discuss possibly bringing her back in for re-evaluation.

H1 is also feeling a little off. He’s been pretty tired and our yo-yo weather has had him struggling with allergies from the budding plants. I’m looking forward to a warm spring, lots of fresh air, and steady temperatures! Yesterday was in the low 60s, and today we have sleet and are expecting maybe an inch of snow tonight.

Off to make lunch for my family. Blessings!