Friday, October 16, 2015

October Update

Greetings from South Dakota!Homer Family Oct 2015.jpg

I don’t know about where you live, but the weather here has changed drastically over the past couple weeks!  Our afternoons are quite nice, but mornings and evenings are rather chilly and winter is yet to come!  Josh was blessed to be raised in NY and cold winters are familiar territory, but this Southern girl is going to have a lot to learn.  I remember wearing shorts and t-shirts on Christmas mornings some years and rarely seeing snow. The locals here have expressed surprise at not seeing any snow yet. Maybe I brought some warm weather with us?

So far the school year is going well for Josh.  He has been coaching football for the middle school grade levels and they are headed to play-offs next week. Coaching has been a valuable opportunity to get to know the kids better. He was able to play guitar at church a couple weeks ago. We hope that he will continue to do so in the future, especially as we learn the music.

The girls and I are continuing to homeschool, which keeps my days occupied along with the food pantry. As the cooler weather has arrived, we are helping to supply blankets and coats. I really enjoy the chance to get to know those who stop by, and the girls delight in greeting anyone who knocks on our door!  Some lucky folk have even left with artwork, courtesy of Amberlyn.

The Hadden family also serves out here with Y.E.S., and they live on the camp property with their three children (ages 8, 6, and 2).  Amanda Hadden and I are hosting a women’s Bible study on Monday nights at the church.  We are working our way through the book of John and memorizing a verse from each chapter as we go.  These past few weeks have had great discussions over cookies and brownies, talking both about what we are reading and sharing about life.  This Monday we had a good chat about the names ascribed to Jesus, like Son of Man, Lamb of God, and the Word, and how those apply to different characteristics of Him.

We have been so thankful and blessed by all our friends who keep in touch via Facebook, texts, calls, or writing letters and emails. It’s such an encouragement that I can’t even express my gratitude for. I even received a special box in the mail from my MOPS group back in VA, complete with notes from friends and handmade necklaces for our girls.

One challenge we have been facing that I would like to ask prayer for is general health for our family. Since arriving, we have struggled with allergies, colds, and finally some flu/stomach bug that attacked with a vengeance this week.  I think we have had about 1 week total where everyone was healthy.  My kids are rarely sick, and to have all of them struggling during the past two weeks especially has been a bit hard on this mama. The health insurance paperwork finally came through for the girls this week (an answer to prayer, hurray!) so now we can take them in to see a doctor as needed.

Our house in Virginia continues to have interest but no offers, so please continue in prayer for that as well!  

Thank you for hanging out and praying for us as we seek to follow our Lord’s leading.

~the Homer family~

H C R 49 Box 242
Porcupine, SD 57772