Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Antics

I really enjoy watching my little girl grow from day-to-day. She is constantly expanding her vocabulary and often tries to correctly identify objects in her books and around the house. My current favorite is the caterpillar. H3 has several books with pictures of these little critters and she is fascinated by them. Although she really has tried to sound it out correctly, they are currently called “Patikillers”. I’m not really sure how to spell patikiller, but that’s my best guess! Every time she says the word, it brings a smile to my face!

Another favorite antic right now is to put one of her baby doll blankets over the dog’s head. Poor Peanut is very patient and will put up with this for quite a while before finding a place to hide. Also, H3 likes to bring some of her playfood to wherever Peanut is laying down and spread it out before him. She’ll ask him to try some. “Just one bite” is her favorite phrase. Playing picnic is a favorite game of hers right now!

Thanks to her Aunt Bethany (my college roommate who delighted us with a visit form Texas a few weeks ago), a new favorite thing is “race”. H3 isn’t a huge fan of sitting in a stroller, but sometimes she just can’t handle the amount of walking we do. While Bethany and I were strolling her around Mount Vernon, Bethany introduced H3 to a race. “Are you ready? Are you sure? Are you positive? Read, set, go!” Then the idea is to run with the stroller as fast as you can for a short distance, then repeat. Over, and over, and over! Although I’m usually exhausted by the end of walks now, it’s amusing to see H3 having so much fun and enjoying her ride. H3 will ask for the race by asking you those questions!

A few minutes ago, H3’s new sandbox arrived via UPS. I was going to buy it for her at Sam’s club, but both the stores and the website seem to have run out. I guess it’s rather popular! Here’s a link so you can see it. This sandbox will be the first piece of outdoor play equipment for our backyard, to be joined shortly by a slide that my parents are bringing her next weekend (April 9th). I got a chance to substitute teach for several days last month, and this is what H1 agreed that I could do with part of my little income. The rest went for H3’s new big girl bed. I’ll have to tell you about that at another time. It’s not put together yet, so no pictures at this time. All I can say is that I love Craigslist!
Time for lunch. More updates on our little nuthouse later!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Thoughts for the Day

Today has been somewhat random for a Thursday. Most of my days each week are planned out with a to-do list. I love lists. There is a sense of satisfaction for me as I cross each thing off. Today, I didn't make a list. I knew there were some things that had to get done, like dishes, laundry, and making dinner--and I'm still getting to that last one--but I decided to just enjoy the day. I spent Monday substitute teaching at the high school and tomorrow will be the same, so I felt like I needed to take advantage of today. H3 and I spend time playing with flashcards and puzzles, playing in her room for a while, and then took a walk down to the Post Office and talked about flowers. Yes, you can have a conversation with a 2 year old about flowers. Mine prefers pink and purple flowers, as opposed to yellow dandelions. She also knows where the flowers are in the neighborhood that she can pick (the ones on the weeds) and will make a beeline for them. We also had a short lesson on kicking a soccer ball. She is surprisingly coordinated. After her nap she took a long bath, during which time we read Dr. Seuss's ABC book and talked about the sounds each letter makes. Her favorite phrase is "What does the (fill in the letter) say?"

Now, onto the random thoughts.

I really like the tufted titmouse that's been visiting the bird feeder outside my kitchen window. Her muted blue-ish gray color is very soothing and she seems to be such a polite little bird, if birds could be said to have such a trait. I'm really glad H1 put that bird feeder out. It was his Valentine's present to H3 and I, and we both enjoy watching the birds!

Moe and the Big Exit is probably my favorite Veggie Tales movie. So glad my father-in-law bought it for H3!

Peanut smells 10x better after his bath last night.

I got my first bug bite of Spring yesterday. Blasted mosquito. I hope it freezes one more time so they'll all die!

The varsity boys basketball team has made it to the state finals for their division (H1 does not coach them. He has started on jv baseball now). They have a game Saturday night at William and Mary, in Williamsburg, Va. Assuming they win that, there will be a game next Thursday night and then again on Friday in Richmond. They are a good team and stand a good chance of winning the state championships for A level schools.

My 93 year old neighbor is an inspiration for aging. I was talking with her yesterday afternoon as she was out attacking the dead leaves in her flower bed. Since we've moved here, I've watched her mow her lawn with a push mower every week from Spring to Fall, tend her miniature garden, knit hats and scarves for her church group that distributes them to those in need, and bake pies and breads to deliver around the neighborhood when she walks to visit different houses. The first time I met her, we had just moved in and she walked over to introduce herself with a pie. I hope that when I'm 93 I will have the passion for life and the passion for people that this lady has!

I love that my sweet hubby randomly brings me flowers! Sometimes he picks them, sometimes he buys them. I've never asked him to bring me flowers, but my house is often full of them.

Apparently it is possible to stab your thumb with the dishwasher. Last week I was starting to close up the dishwasher and my hand slipped and I slammed my thumb onto a little piece that holds the silverware rack. It still hurts to touch!

I did my taxes on paper for the first time this year, instead of using a program. I had to get help from my dad trying to figure out what to do for part of it (defining terms for me) and making sense out of the weird NY forms, but in the end I made it! It may seem sad, but I feel accomplished. I'm not good with technical finance and tax terms! Please give me Spanish instead!

That's all for tonight!