Saturday, July 22, 2017

And Now Summer Is Almost Gone....

How did summer already fly by????  I was going to get those pictures of Elizabeth's birthday on here, and before I knew it, all these weeks have flown by.  I feel like I am perpetually playing catch-up.  We're not even going to mention what my house looks like.  Embarrassing at this point!

Instead of full summer commentary, I'll offer some summarizing pics and explanations.

Celebrating Lizzy's 3rd birthday

Amberlyn with a friend at camp

This little cutie on the right asked if she and Amberlyn had the same face paint, so I took this picture and showed them. The little girl said, "Look, Teacher, we're sisters!"  💖

Josh and Lauren hanging out and playing guitar at camp.

Lizzy and Noah, best friends.

A pic from the back of our chapel

Slip n slide at Grandpa and Grandma's in OH

We got to celebrate Grandma's 60th birthday with her. Excuse Amberlyn's pout.

Look who is standing up!

A visit to Lake Erie

Happy 60th Birthday to my sweet Mama!

We explored a local park.

A visit to the zoo for Amberlyn's 5th birthday

Happy Birthday to our rainbow baby!  5 years old.  She asked for a dinosaur birthday party. I showed her some different cute dinos, and she saw this Jurassic Park set advertised on the side of my computer screen and asked for it. So here is her decor and cake.  She loves all things dinosaur, mud, and outside. And wearing tutus and dresses and frills while she is at it!

Family pic!

He loves hanging out in the office with me at camp.

The girls spend a lot of time playing over the air vent in our hallway.

3-legged race at camp

Making Solomon's Temple in Sunday School. We average 10-12 in my class, which is the 3-5th graders. We usually have another 5 or so in the k-2nd class, and a handful of toddlers.

Love this grin!  And the dog has learned the best spot for getting a snack.

Making ice cream at camp.

The kids could make their own ice cream by shaking up their mixtures in these gallon bags.

After a well-child check, I stopped along the road with Amberlyn on the way home and let her climb around for a few.

Art time at camp.

Declan loves pizza crusts....and his daddy.

Off to another busy day.  It's Saturday, so time to catch up with all the work I need to get done around the house. Josh is working on some miscellaneous projects and prepping for a sermon tomorrow. Matt is preaching at another church in the morning, and Jeremy and his family are back in TN, so Josh is filling in!

Camp is out for next week, and during that time I will be attending a training practicum for Classical Conversations.  Then July 31st begins our last week of camp. Our home church from VA is the team coming in and we are so excited to see some of our friends. After that week, we will begin our road trip back to VA. 

Blessings on your week.