Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's Crazy Y'all

It's crazy y'all. There's no other way of saying it. A couple of kids ago, quiet was still a possibility in the house. Now, there is no such thing.  I love it, and it scares me all at the same time.  A few weeks ago, here is what my Monday looked like.

6am: Rise and Shine with Lizzy and Amberlyn jumping onto the bed.  Cue shower time, getting breakfast for the three girls ready, Josh's lunch packed and coffee and breakfast made for him.
7:30: Josh leaves for work and I feed Declan.
8:00: Send Shannan downstairs for her handwriting, math drill sheet, and a couple of workbook pages. I let her know that I will join her shortly for a math lesson.
8:05: Load the dishwasher.
8:10: Declan explodes a poopy diaper everywhere, and needs a bath due to the amount of poop.  I clean him up and put him in the bath. 30 seconds later, he pees. Not just a little trickle. Like a waterfall into the bathwater. Drain the bathwater and refill the tub. I spend a few minutes letting him kick and splash before pulling him out, wrapping him in a towel and getting him dressed on my bed.
9:00: Walk back into the living room to discover that Lizzy has peed all over the floor. Clean up pee.
9:30: Walk downstairs to start math lesson with Shannan, to discover that the dog has just barfed all over the floor and her cage. Set Declan down to clean up barf and dog.
9:50: Declan starts crying that he is hungry again. I tell Shannan to play with Legos until I get back for her math lesson and go back upstairs to feed Declan (he doesn't do well trying to nurse during school).
10:10: Finish nursing Declan and put him for nap. I start to walk downstairs and Lizzy and Amberlyn remind me (loudly) that it is snack time. Fix snack for them and carry Shannan's snack downstairs.
10:30: Finally starting on that math lesson.

You get the idea. This is not an unusual day for us nowadays.  I rotate back and forth between the needs of each child, with the goal of accomplishing school and meals each day...and laundry. Oh. My. Word.  The laundry!  I have been in awe of how much laundry these tiny people can go through!  While I endeavor to work with Shannan, Amberlyn and Lizzy can shed multiple outfits and I find socks everywhere. I love my little people so very much. But their laundry, not so much!

We are ever so slowly finding a rhythm.  One thing I love to do is have a "sun" day.  Living up here, we have long winters.  This past week it has been rather warm (in the 60s) and I have cut our school days in half in order to catch some much needed vitamin D. The girls have enjoyed running around outside, and I have taken that opportunity to get some of that laundry folded, and to quiz them on their memory work while they are in motion.

Even Declan got some outside time!

There are so many things happening in our lives right now, but there is a small snapshot of what a morning looks like!  I have wanted to write about so many things that are happening, but I'm pretty sure that would take hours to do. So I will leave off here, go smooch some squishy baby cheeks, and work on getting dinner on the table. Tonight is salsa chicken burritos, if you feel like coming over!