Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday and magnets

This past weekend was H3’s 3rd birthday! On Friday night, my college roommate, Amber, met us in Newport News and came back to spend the weekend. We met at McDonald’s and got a cookie for H3 and let her open a couple presents that night. Saturday was her actual birthday and we started out the day with square pancakes (i.e. Belgian waffles) and then proceeded to let her open the rest of her presents: a beautiful pink fluffy skirt that Amber made for her, a mini keyboard from H1, and then the Loving Family Dollhouse from both Mommy and Daddy. H3 had a wonderful time playing with her dollhouse!

At 11:00, we headed out and picked up a friend’s daughter so we could go get lunch and then go to the Portsmouth Children’s Museum. Sam’s Club pizza sounded good, since H3 loves eating there. The girls enjoyed their pizza!

We arrived at the Portsmouth Children’s Museum a little before 1:00, and that’s when things got interesting. H3 had looked a little tired at lunch, but as far as we knew, that was from a very long week with me working (substituting) at the school and less sleep than usual on Friday night. As we were in line at the museum to get passes, H3 started throwing up. It was a mess. She got so sick there. The museum staff were very kind and let us hang out for about an hour as I was in the bathroom cleaning up H3 and H1 went to get some Tylenol for H3 and a change of clothes for me (the museum is over an hour from home and I was covered in….stuff). Amber stayed with H3’s friend and wandered around the museum until her mom got there to take her home. We went back to the house and H3 spent most of the afternoon asleep. She got up for dinner, but didn’t really eat anything. She did perk up to see her cake though, since I decided to still give her some if she wanted it. This is a batch of chocolate chip cookies baked in a pizza pan with butter cream icing on the top. H3 blew out her candle and then ate all the icing off her cookie. Silly girl!

Because she was sick, H3 and I stayed home from church on Sunday. She was so disappointed when Daddy when out the door without us. She loves going to our church and asks about it every time we pass the building or even go on the same road it’s on! To help with the time, we sat and read a new Gigi book that she’d gotten from Amber for her birthday and then watched the dvd that came with the book. I’d heard of Gig before but never seen it. It’s rather cute!
It’s Tuesday now and she’s almost back to normal. She’s run a low-grade fever for the last couple days, but mostly just acts more tired than usual. This morning she seems to have a lot more energy!

I’ve always had lot of magnets on the refrigerator. I’m not sure why, but I just like them there. H3 does too, and she has her own sets of magnets. This morning, she brought me each letter of the alphabet, said the name of the letter, the color, the sound(s) that the letter makes, and an example word for each letter. It was a little game she made up herself, and I’m happy to say that she only missed the example word on 2 of the letters. I think I also enjoyed seeing the extent of her vocabulary, since she was trying out a lot of new words this morning, words that we’ve been seeing in books and she’s slowly been learning.

Tomorrow morning begins a new routine for us. A friend is having surgery in the morning. She normally babysits two children while their mom teaches at a school in Smithfield, 40 minutes away. Due to the procedure, she’s not allowed to lift or do any type of strenuous activity for 5-6 weeks. I’ve volunteered to help this mom by babysitting the two kids, so H3 and I will be making a trip to Smithfield daily for the next few weeks. I know H3 will be a little tired, but I think she will enjoy seeing these two. We’ve met them before, a little girl around 15 months and a 3 year old boy.

Posts will be sporadic this fall, but I will try!