Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am Mom. I spend nights up with sick kiddos, even when I'm fighting a cold myself. There are no "sick days". When I'm sick, I still make lunch, give baths, teach school, change diapers, read stories, and take my older child to swimming, dance, etc, with baby-ness in tow. I smile, because my children are worth it. They are worth pushing through when I feel like crap and want to stay in bed. Though there are some days where I don't want to hear my name being called, I'm still thankful that is who God has allowed me to be.

On that note, I did get tired of hearing "Mom" every couple minutes this past weekend, so I told H3 that she had to call me "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" any time that she wanted to talk to me. I can't say it worked perfectly, but it did slow down the "Mom-ing" for a bit and caused a lot of laughter from H1, H3, and me!

Today, amidst a million and one tissues from my sniffly nose, we made a little play-dough volcano and watched it erupt. I can't remember how it even started, but H3 suddenly began talking about them and asking questions, so I rolled with it! I'll have to post pics of our little experiment later, but I can share the link for a good video that I used.
National Geographic Volcano clip

H3 asked to watch this short clip about 5 times today! She was so excited about it, and even began to "teach" her little dolls and stuffed animals about magma and lava. I love watching her get so excited! It wasn't on my original agenda for teaching today, but I've learned to take advantage of good teaching moments with H3's curiosity. When she's in a mood like today, she rarely forgets things we talk about and can sit in rapt attention for long periods of time.

I am starting to collect things in preparation for next year's schooling. H1 and I are still in discussion about how that will be taking place next year. H1 wants me to be open about sending her to a local public school next year, though he said he will support me if I decide to continue instructing her at home. We haven't made a decision one way or the other, but even if she does go to school, there are some materials I would be purchasing anyways because I know there will be other things I need to work with her on. She loves the All About Reading curriculum we've been going through along with the sign language.

Well, I thing the sudafed I'm taking has sufficiently messed with my ability to hold a train of thought, so here shall be the conclusion of this popcorn-ish post. Thanks for hanging in there!


Monday, January 28, 2013

I Don't Do Small Children

I know I've mentioned before the size of my children. To put it in perspective, I'm all of 5'3", so not that tall. I'm pretty much the shortest girl born in my family for a couple generations, I think, other than my mom.  The rest of my family is very tall (and H1's is even taller) and therefore the height of my kids shouldn't surprise me and yet it still does. I've always thought H3 was tall. She was a long baby to begin with and has always stayed at the top of the charts for height, though near the bottom for weight (I have to buy her skinny cut jeans if I don't want them to fall off, because even the adjustable waist bands of other pants are still too big!).   H4's recent 6-month check up showed her at 17lbs and 27 inches long. She is holding the same course as her sister in height, but her weight is 3lbs more than H3 at the same age!  I thought she felt and looked like a big 6 month old. I was right!  No wonder I'm already starting to pull out 12 month size onsies.

Ach!  My girls are growing up way too fast. I guess I'd better not blink, cuz they'll both be taller than me if I do!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Homeschool Recess, Chilly Day Entertainment, and a Dusting

I should probably explain first of all that we live in southern Virginia, which means that our winters are usually very soggy with little snow. It's often chilly and windy outside as well, so spending a lot of time outside isn't much of an option. I get stir crazy, as does H3. Once in a while, I decide enough is enough of the indoors and we don raincoats and rain boots and splash in a few puddles (then come inside for a bath and hot cocoa).

We also make tents and forts out of sheets...

Little elephant craft for the letter "e" and sound of "e" as in "egg" and "elephant"

We got a dusting of snow last night. Isn't it pretty?  I know, I know, everyone who lives up north will laugh at what I'm calling snow. But as I stated earlier, this is Virginia. Southeastern Virginia. We don't get snow, so I'll take what we can get!  Too bad it's been raining for the last week straight and my backyard is underwater. My next lesson should be on Noah's ark...

Winter greetings!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Homeschooling by puzzle

I learned early on that H3 loves putting together puzzles. That's how she learned the 50 states earlier this school year: a giant floor puzzle. She also learned her alphabet that way. Lately we've been working on learning sequences. H3 has been learning about putting events in order. To help with this, I pulled out another puzzle, or rather series of them. My father-in-law bought this for me a while back and H3 loves it. And yes, we are homeschooling today in pajamas and dress-up clothes. We don't make this a habit, but after a night of almost no sleep, I really don't care!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time Flies

I just wanted to take a moment and note that my baby H4 is 6 months old today. How quickly time is passing! I feel like she just arrived but already she is expressing her love of avocados and crawling (backwards) across my living room. How blessed I am to be the mother of two beautiful girls. H3 is still beyond amazing as a big sister and though she doesn't sleep well, H4 is a fun and wonderful baby. I love my girls!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Snapshot of Christmas and New Years

We had a busy Christmas and New Year's.  We started off the weekend before Christmas with a visit from Auntie Amber, at which time we put H4 in a little decorative sled and took pictures.

H3 got a pedicure from Auntie Amber

I made white chocolate dipped ginger snaps
 My father-in-law came to visit for the week of Christmas.  We really enjoyed having him here, especially the girls.  They adore their Pop-pop and offer him many smiles!

Christmas morning in my living room

Don't you love her curls? That's what her hair does fresh out of the bath, no product. Not kidding!

H4 is quite a fan of brightly colored paper and bows

We love building with Pop-pop

A few days after Christmas we drove to Ohio to see my parents. This was their first introduction to H4. 

We spent a couple nights playing "Settlers of Catan"

H3 loves looking at the Nativity with Grandma

My dad went sledding for his 51st birthday!

Building a snowman - if H3 looks a little out of it, well, this is at the end of her running a 103+ temperature for four days. Should she be outside? Maybe not, but coming from the South where we almost never see snow, I couldn't deny her a few minutes outside on two of the days....

The sledding crew

H1 and H3

Dad going down the hill

Despite H3 and I fighting a nasty virus for several days (ok, a week) during our vacation time, we had a wonderful time with both Pop-pop and my family. I'm so grateful we were able to see both of them while H1 was off of school. At home, we logged quite a few hours playing Candyland and My Dog Has Fleas with H3. It was busy and fun, and tomorrow (Monday) we head back to school again. H1 starts back teaching and we pick up again with home schooling.

And so begins 2013.  Blessings!