Saturday, June 20, 2009

A few pictures from the trip

Here are a few pics from our week here in Ohio! I'll have to post more later and explain about this whirlwind week. The trip visiting has been good with my parents, but everything else in life (details for summer) have been insanely stressful!

Grilling at the park

Playing in the popcorn bowl

H3 checking out the grass

Hanging out with me in Target

Standing in the kitchen

Sitting in Grandma's lap

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Cleveland

Greetings from Cleveland, OH! The weather is absolutely gorgeous up here. Mid-70s and no humidity, compared to the mid-90s and high humidity we left back in VA. Such a nice change! The trip up here was pretty uneventful and we arrived around 10pm Sunday evening. H3 wasn't the biggest fan of her new carseat, but she managed ok. This new carseat doesn't recline as much as her infant seat did, so her napping wasn't as easy as it used to be. She still did ok and was pretty happy most of the way. Yesterday was a big recovery day for her so she was a bit grouchier than usual. This morning she woke up back to her normal self and has had fun playing with her toys in the living room, to the delight of her grandmother (Mom).

Mom has been doing pretty well since her surgery. Her recovery has gone better than expected, so we are very blessed. She's getting around the house on one crutch and with some moderate pain from the surgery. I make sure she sits down plenty and ices that knee! I took a look at the surgery site last night when we re-wrapped it, and it looks like the doctor did a really good job with it. There isn't much swelling either, so that's good news. We'll be taking her to an appt on Thursday morning for an evaluation and I'm expecting the doc to agree that it looks good.

I'm still waiting to hear results back on the test. Supposedly I should find out by the end of this week, although it's not guaranteed. I did find out that one of the guys proctering my test is known to fail people for silly, non-legit reasons. Apparently he has the god-complex that a few in the medical field have, and I was told that he faults some of the students for things that aren't really a big deal. That wasn't the news I wanted to hear as I'm waiting on the results. Argh! Just praying that this will all go through ok. Sooooo nervous!

I've taken a few pictures so far and will try to upload some on my parents computer later tonight!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

And we're off!

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go....almost! Just a few more things to add to the car tomorrow morning. Of course there is more than I'd originally planned on, but we've got it all to fit. The car is packed, except for a diaper bag, one duffle bag, and the large plastic tubs that are going on the back hitch basket that we bought for our car to make this trip possible. It's really hard to pack for 10 weeks, especially with the weather. It can be in the 40s or in the 80s in the Adirondacks, depending on the week, so we really had to bring everything! Oi! This summer we will supposedly have high speed internet access on occassion. I don't know that I'll be able to post pictures, but at least maybe I'll get the chance to update this a bit. Tomorrow we're driving to OH to see my parents and will be there until Saturday, the 20th, and then we're heading to see H1's dad for a couple days before heading into the Adirondacks and the camp. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone, family and friends. Time to catch a few z's before we leave. Until next time!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a quick update

Well, it's almost that time of year. On Sunday, 3 days from now, we head up to NY for the summer to work at the Boy Scout camp again! H1 will be the waterfront director (4th year in a row now, I think) and this year I'm switching from lifeguard to assistant health director. Woohoo! H3 gets to hang with me all day while I check on little scouties and hand out medicine when needed. 8 weeks of living on a lake in the Adirondacks and getting paid for it! Can't beat that!

In the meantime, I'm almost done unpacking the house. It's been quite the challenge to unpack since I'm also repacking for the summer at the same time (had to unpack in order to find the stuff that I needed to pack). My EMT course finished two nights ago and tonight I'm heading out to take the state test. I'm really praying this goes well. If God has brought me this far and this is the job He wants our family to have this summer, I have to believe He is going to give me the strength, patience, and clarity of mind to get through this. I'm still nervous though!

H1 has his last day of school tomorrow. Yesterday and today were both half days, and tomorrow is a field day. It's been a good school year for him, but we know some hard changes will be going on next year. Two of his good friends have left for other teaching jobs, including one of the other PE teachers. We're praying that they will bring in a good replacement for this guy, and it would be great if he and H1 would get along well, since they will have to share an office!

Well, he should be on his way home right about now so my EMT partner and I can leave, so I'd better get ready. Hopefully I will have the test results soon and can celebrate!