Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moving and such

The last couple weeks have been tied up with moving from one rental house to another, pretty much just across the street from each other. We didn't get a u-haul or anything this time because a friend from church let us borrow his pick-up truck. Basically it's been a bunch of trips back and forth and we finally moved the last thing over last Friday. This is the first time we've moved since H3 was born, and it's taken me a lot longer to unpack than I ever imagined it could, so keep that in mind when you see these pictures! I'll post more once everything is unpacked and set up.
Our backyard (that needs to be mowed)
Front view of the house (I'll do some landscaping after we've gotten the inside unpacked!)

Living room (still unpacking)

Part of the master bedroom

Den-ish area in the kitchen, complete with fireplace

Laundry room

Kitchen (note the's about 35-40 years old and either undercooks or chars just about everything.)

Shannan's room

More of Shannan's room (I love her closet)
Dining room
Cabinet in the dining room

Third bedroom that will be guestroom one day....for now it's the location of everything from our storage unit

And that's the first tour. Like I said, it's a mess! I'll try to get some more pictures up soon of our progess. Right now I'm only getting to a few boxes a day because of my class and some other daily necessities that have finally started to demand my attention (laundry, meals, H3, etc). We're getting there though! I'm guessing we'll be here about 2-3 years, depending on how H1's job goes. If we stay in this area any longer than that, we'll be looking to buy a house, but for now it's the renting thing. Stay tuned!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Love it!! Good Job! I love Shannan's closet too--nicely organized! You are going to make it cozy and wonderful! It does take a long time getting unpacked with a little one! You are doing great though-LOVE your big laundry room too! Thanks for the pictures and update!

Dean said...

I love it!!!!!!! Fabulous!!!! :) How far is it from your other house over there?!

JJ said...

It's pretty much across the highway, on the same side as the Virginia Diner now. Not really closer or further to the ferry, but in a nicer neighborhood!