Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer fun!

The last couple weeks have been packed! H3 and I have been everywhere. We've been hanging out at a friend's swimming pool a couple times each week. They have three boys (age 5 and twin 2 year olds) and H3 loves playing with them. She's still not too keen on the water, but is gradually getting used to it. Each time we go she stays in a little longer, as opposed to preferring the rocks and other landscaping objects around the pool! Here she is taking a break from the water.

I've noticed that she likes to line things up, whether it's her food on the table (like cheerios), or toys in her room, or foam bath toys!

We went to the birthday party of the granddaughter of my EMT partner (birthday girl in the middle).

We went to Busch Gardens for a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. H3 enjoyed the music, but got really excited anytime people started clapping. She would squeal and clap too!

This past Monday, H3 and I drove to Roanoke to visit a friend of mine I used to work with at Liberty. She has two little girls, one 16 months old and one 8 weeks old. The 16 month old and H3 have played before, and this time was no different. They ran around the house chasing each other and playing with toys, and then before we left on Tuesday, we took them to a park and let them climb on the playground (see below).

Wednesday we met a friend and her 3 year old in Williamsburg for breakfast at Panera, then we took the two girls to a park and let them burn off some energy while we moms tried to stay out of the sun. It was still morning, but it was already in the high 80s and very humid. H3 and I headed home by 11 because it was so warm!

For the last couple days, the school has been having half-days. Tomorrow is the last day of school for H1, though they still have a teacher work day on Monday. We're so happy that the school year is closing out! H1 has been busy getting grades together and working on inventory stuff. It's been a good school year. Next year's schedule looks to be a challenge for him, but we'll cross that bridge in September. For now, we're going to enjoy the summer!

This morning H3 and I drove to Auntie Amber's house. After playing in her pool for a bit, H3 got to help collect eggs from the chickens. It was so fun to watch her. She was fascinated by the birds and they were actually pretty tame. They would let us pet them and everything! When H3 picked up the eggs, she was pretty gentle. We let her reach into the nests to get them, and she would take them out and hand them to me, though a bit reluctant to give up her prize before closer examination! Amber was kind enough to let me set up the pack-n-play in an extra room for H3's nap so she and I could get some more chat time in. H3 still naps for 2 - 3 hours in the middle of the day, and since we live at least 45 minutes from everything, it's quite a challenge to get in a good nap for her while we're out. Tonight has been spent in a cleaning frenzy so far. My parents are coing in town tomorrow morning and staying through Monday morning. Monday evening we have a dinner with our church home group, and then Tuesday we leave for NY! More cleaning and packing still to go!


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Mrs. Taffy said...

Phew! You made me tired! Looks like you've been having a great "pre-summer!" Fun that your parents are coming into town! H3 looks adorable, her hair is getting so long and she is getting so big! Aren't you starting to long for another one? hint hint hint :o)

I'll miss you this summer! Wish my boys were going to be with you, but really hoping next year works out!

love and hugs,