Monday, February 7, 2011

Sipping Chai

There is something beautifully relaxing about sipping chai tea. It doesn't matter what's going on around the house, even complete chaos, but one sip brings a smile to my face and an instant happy feeling. It's probably the memories that go along with the taste and the first chai sitting at a tea house in Salem, VA, celebrating the upcoming wedding of a wonderful friend, and many hours with Robyn at her house and at Panera, sipping our tea and discussing everything in the world from children and heartbreaks to dog hair, hatred of skinny jeans, needing new haircuts, and wondering what on earth God is up to in our lives. Lots of hours with my hubby, drinking our tea and staring out the window and strategizing on how to survive the next week or month. It's just a simple tea, but it has memories.

I wish I had more pictures for this week, but I didn't keep my camera on hand, unfortunately. H3 and I spent a lot of time working on the lower case letters of the alphabet, and I think it's safe to say that she knows them now, with the exception of confusion with "p" and "q" and "d" and "b", which I think is typical of trying to learn letters. We spend a lot of time with flashcards and Dr. Seuss books!

Friday evening one of my college roommates, Amber, came over. She had called on Thursday and asked if we had any plans for the weekend, which we didn't, so she said "I was thinking of inviting myself over and sending you out on a date Friday night." Such a sweetheart! H1 and I have had very few dates since H3 was born, only 3 in 2010 that I can think of. Amber arrived at 5pm and H1 and I headed out the door for dinner and just walking around, browsing in shops and chatting. It's amazing how relaxing just walking around can be without a 2 year old! H3 is a delight, of course, but a leisurly dinner and just walking through a store for fun are out of the question with her in tow! Amber was spending the night, so after we got home she and I stayed up late and watched a movie, then I made cinnamon scones in the morning. H1 went out for a while on his own to browse and relax, so Amber and I played with H3, working on some shape and letter games with her and reading stories. After she was tucked in for her nap, we watched another movie and Amber graded papers (she's a teacher) while I made Valentine's Day cards. It was a delightful afternoon.

I can't end this post without saying something about the Super Bowl. I have been a Packer's fan since 1996, which is the first time I ever paid attention to a football game. I was at a youth group Super Bowl party and remember having a blast. Since then, the Packer's have been my favorite team. Last night was great, watching them win again. H1 is a NY Giants fan, and since they obviously weren't playing, he decided to be a gentlemen and join me in cheering for my team. Yes, I have a cheesehead. Yes, I wore it during the game, except for a little while when H3 stole it, as you can see!

She enjoyed playing hide and seek behind it!

Sitting on Daddy's lap and trying to balance her cheesehead, which was a little big.

I also got word this week that Bethany, my other college roommate who is now a teacher in Texas, will be flying in to visit us in March! We flew out to Washington to see her two years ago, back when she was still living there with her folks (having just returned from 2 years in Guatemala and trying to decide where to go next). Facebook has been wonderful for keeping up with my friends from college and from previous residences, but nothing beats getting to catch up in person. I'm really looking forward to her visit!

This is one week that I'm looking forward too, even with a possibilit of snow on Thursday and Friday to chase away my Spring 50's weathers. Blessings!


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Robyn said...

I'm so glad you got to spend some "time away" with a good friend for a little bit! Love the kiddos - but nothing is relaxing about coming home with your shoulders up to the center of your ears from stress! LOL ;D

Sounds like a delightful day!

And I have been wanting a chai tea latte SO badly since... um... the last one! haha :D Panera's is more like dessert in a cup... Starbucks has a spicy bit of a zing to it! mmmmm Either way I wouldn't turn one down! ;)

There has to be tea in heaven - at least I would think so!