Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fun Moments with Family

The snow has just stopped falling. It was really pretty, but no accumulation on the account of it being so warm here in OH. My dad has spent this morning playing with H3 and it's been fun to watch. H1 and H3 came upstairs a bit before me. After I showered and made it up the stairs, I heard her giggling from inside the pink castle tent my parents gave her for Christmas. Sure enough, I also heard my dad's voice coming from inside!

Right how she's trying to get him to play grocery store. Apparently, we need to get onions and cookies. She likes the latter, but not the former, so not sure why those are on her grocery list, but it's funny! Moments ago, my dad was humming the theme music to "Jaws" and chasing her around the living room with a couple stuffed animals. Her giggling is hilarious to watch! She thinks it's the best thing ever. I love watching my daughter play with her grandpa! My mom hasn't been feeling the best this time around, but H3 is still enjoying seeing her. They read books together and play with her new toys. It's cute!

We've gotten to take a few drives to see the Christmas lights people still have out, and that's been a fun family activity. H3 loves all the lights and so does Grandma!

Our home inspection is set up for next Monday, January 2nd, at 4pm. We're heading back from OH tomorrow afternoon, and we're planning to have a fairly quite New Year's weekend. I'm trying to plan something fun for celebrating H1's birthday. I'll let you know what I come up with!


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