Monday, February 20, 2012

A Tiny Bit of Snow!

We had a snow day today! Ok, there was already no school thanks to the holiday weekend, but the snow was enjoyable anyways. We only had a couple inches and it began to melt almost immediately because it’s been so warm. H1, H3, and I had a good time though. Since H3 is still pretty sick, we only let her come outside for about 15 minutes. This is the only snow we’ve had this year, and I would have felt bad if she had to miss it completely. She’s doing better today than the past couple days. The snow was quite exciting for her and she had a great time outside helping Daddy build a snowman.

Auntie Amber bought a new dress-up dress for H3, an official Rapunzel dress. H3 was ecstatic and has been wearing it all day!


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Tirzah said...

Hi Mrs. H!
Thank you so much for the really sweet comment you left on my blog! I love that you are my cousin too!
Whenever I mention "the lady who brought us real food in Virginia" all my siblings know who I mean! It was so nice of you!! :)