Thursday, March 28, 2013

We're Back! (and mobile)

Well, I should specify that H4 is mobile, but I'll get to that in a moment.

Talk about silly withdrawal symptoms. We don't have smart phones, so this past month without internet has been a blackout for me. I re-emerged a few days ago, feeling like I was completely lost. Since we also live in the middle of nowhere, TV reception via our antenna is often spotty. I've been behind on news and missing having the internet at my fingertips for home schooling resources.

As I type this, my brain is working to remember all that's happened in the last month.  It's been an emotional roller coaster, with the loss of my grandmother on February 27th and blood testing for H3, trying to pinpoint what has been causing some high fevers for her with no other symptoms (no results there). We've also had a lot of good times and I've been really enjoying school with H3 now that she's finally taking off with the reading thing--she loves sitting down for stories!

To try and recount everything would wind up in a forever post, so here's a photo recap (that's not so short either).

H4 decided that her crawling backwards method (that she's been employing since December) was no longer working to her advantage since she kept getting stuck under things.


Spinach and brown rice anybody?

Spring cookies to go with our not-so-Spring weather

Experimenting with H3's hair

Ahhhh...forward crawling is much better

A visit from Pop-pop!

My new morning greeting

Hehehe....there is nothing safe in the house anymore, Mommy!

Blowing bubbles on a surprise warm day

I will get that puzzle, I will, I will!

What? I'm not supposed to get the puzzle?

Hot air balloons above a nearby field

Pop-pop and H4

At the VA Beach Aquarium, checking out a shark!

Hi turtle!

Big tank! (H3 is the one with her arm in the air)

Best scared face

Learning about how sharks find food

Hands-in ray tank with Daddy

and Pop-pop

Nature trail

H3, H1, and Pop-pop

Checking out the view

Random snow, in VA, in mid-March. A rare sight here (and a bit unwelcome)

Stopped by Auntie Amber's classroom to say hello, and H3 was rather taken with the desks.
Well, that's a bit of what we've been up too. The munchkins are in need of a nap, so that's the most of an update I can do for now. We are all here and well, and happy to have our internet back.


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