Monday, September 21, 2009

H3 Birthday and Misc

H3's little first birthday party was a success! We went down to a park and had pizza, cake, and chips with my college roommate and another family (Dean, Robyn, and their 3 beautiful daughters). H3 looked very happy throughout the whole thing and even marked her slice of the cake while we were singing happy birthday to her. I can't believe my little one is a year old. How fast she's grown! After food, we took the kids over to Fort Fun, the delightful playground at the park. Granted, it had been drizzling most of the time so everything was wet, but they had fun anyways! I like taking H3 there on nice days during the week and we swing. It's probably the nicest playground I've ever seen and wonderful for kids.

I found out on Saturday morning that I finally passed my EMT test! Woohoo! It's done, over, finished, no more headaches from studying! My test partner and I are both very excited. For now we are just volunteering at the rescue squad. I may pursue a part time job later in that field but for now I just really enjoy volunteering. This certification is also for the Boy Scout camp during the summer, so it's a relief to have that done now.

I've got mac n' cheese in the oven for H1's school today--a farewell/congratulations party for his principal who was promoted to assistant superintendent. I know she'll do a wonderful job because she's a wonderful, talented lady, but we'll miss her at the school. She was a delight for H1 to work for. Time to get that out and over.

Until next time!



Mrs. Taffy said...

Congratulations Sweetie!! So happy for you! You are incredibly driven and smart and such a good wife and momma to boot! I'm proud to know you! Hugs from MN!!

Tsavah said...

She is so so cute!!!