Thursday, January 14, 2010

Traveling and other items of the week

This has been a fun and packed week! H1 has had 2 basketball games, as usual, and of course practice at night to go along with them. Tonight's game is about an hour away. Ugh! I love living in the middle of nowhere, but the downside is all the traveling.

Last night I had a meeting up at the Rescue Squad. We're supposed to be going to a paperless system within the next month so there's going to be training for that. The new laptops look pretty cool, but from what I understand are a bit of a hassle to get installed. Initially, they're expecting it to take us about twice as long to write our reports after each incident. Most of that will be from trying to learn the new programs and hopefully over time it will make things faster. There are a lot of other benefits for patient care and getting information in order, but it's still going to take a while to get used to. I'll be going for training in a couple weeks.

H3 and I went over to our church today and helped sort clothes for the "Need Stuff" ministry (it offers clothes and food to people in the community). Rather, I sorted and H3 unfolded everything and ran around the room. She loves "helping" with laundry, but isn't the best at keeping everything in order!

Tomorrow morning the three of us plus Peanut are heading down to my grandfather's house in SC. H3 and I went to visit back in November, but H1 couldn't come. Since he has a 3 day weekend though, we decided to take a road trip! I used to get down there 3-4 times a year or more, but since H3's arrival I've only made it down 1-2 times each year. Hopefully that will change as she gets older and can handle more time in the car. I'll post pics and blog about our trip when we get back--should be Monday evening.


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