Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Antics

I really enjoy watching my little girl grow from day-to-day. She is constantly expanding her vocabulary and often tries to correctly identify objects in her books and around the house. My current favorite is the caterpillar. H3 has several books with pictures of these little critters and she is fascinated by them. Although she really has tried to sound it out correctly, they are currently called “Patikillers”. I’m not really sure how to spell patikiller, but that’s my best guess! Every time she says the word, it brings a smile to my face!

Another favorite antic right now is to put one of her baby doll blankets over the dog’s head. Poor Peanut is very patient and will put up with this for quite a while before finding a place to hide. Also, H3 likes to bring some of her playfood to wherever Peanut is laying down and spread it out before him. She’ll ask him to try some. “Just one bite” is her favorite phrase. Playing picnic is a favorite game of hers right now!

Thanks to her Aunt Bethany (my college roommate who delighted us with a visit form Texas a few weeks ago), a new favorite thing is “race”. H3 isn’t a huge fan of sitting in a stroller, but sometimes she just can’t handle the amount of walking we do. While Bethany and I were strolling her around Mount Vernon, Bethany introduced H3 to a race. “Are you ready? Are you sure? Are you positive? Read, set, go!” Then the idea is to run with the stroller as fast as you can for a short distance, then repeat. Over, and over, and over! Although I’m usually exhausted by the end of walks now, it’s amusing to see H3 having so much fun and enjoying her ride. H3 will ask for the race by asking you those questions!

A few minutes ago, H3’s new sandbox arrived via UPS. I was going to buy it for her at Sam’s club, but both the stores and the website seem to have run out. I guess it’s rather popular! Here’s a link so you can see it. This sandbox will be the first piece of outdoor play equipment for our backyard, to be joined shortly by a slide that my parents are bringing her next weekend (April 9th). I got a chance to substitute teach for several days last month, and this is what H1 agreed that I could do with part of my little income. The rest went for H3’s new big girl bed. I’ll have to tell you about that at another time. It’s not put together yet, so no pictures at this time. All I can say is that I love Craigslist!
Time for lunch. More updates on our little nuthouse later!


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