Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to school!

We just spent a wonderful week with H1 home. A lot of projects around the house got done, and we're a lot closer to being able to finish moving in. Quite a few things were put out in the garage or in the back entryway and have been just sitting there, waiting to be put away in their new homes. I'll be able to start getting to that this week, now that wiring has been run to the upstairs bedrooms and the furniture from Ikea has been put together. It's about time, I know. This move has been slow and painful for us. Until Spring Break, H1 was working his usual 7-7 day and trying to get things done in the evenings, and I haven't been able to do much, at all. Most days I'm doing pretty good to just take care of H3 and get laundry and dishes done, and meals on the table. I bought a new brace two weeks ago that has helped out some, but I'm still pretty limited on how much I can do.

This morning H1 headed back to school. He will be finished with the school year on June 15th. We're discussing summer work options right now. Most of the time we've had the summer jobs in NY to count on, but somehow I'm pretty sure a childbirth merit badge is not the agenda for the Boy Scouts! There are a couple different options for summer work for H1 around here, but we're going to have to see how much time they will allow for time off when H4 is born. Next Monday is another ultrasound to take a look at the potential cleft palate. If they can confirm it, they will start setting us up with specialists and discussing possible surgery dates. If the palate is closed (which is what we're praying for) then all this will change and we'll be expecting things to go a lot smoother! I think next Monday will probably help us decide on a job for H1 this summer.

Until later!


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