Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chugging Along!

We have been chugging along pleasantly over these last two weeks, keeping a steady routine of the subjects I'd been planning to work on with H3. The timing for our school days has been a bit crazy though. I'd had plans to keep a particular schedule and have pretty much given up on that for the time being.  H4 is resisting a schedule with every ounce of her being, so right now we're working around her naps and feeding times.  

One of our little experiments last week was with "Dancing Popcorn", using water, baking soda, vinegar, and popcorn kernels.  H3 really got a kick out of watching all the little bubbles and the kernels moving up and down in the solution.  

As the weather has been cooler, we've spent some time outside for little H4 to explore the grass.  

H3 has never been keen on coloring, so the fact that she has any interest in picking up a crayon at all is a really big deal right now! 

I made a mold-able dough out of flour and oil, and H3 spent part of an afternoon playing in it.  She is so funny.  She hates getting dirty, so every few minutes she wanted to clean her hands.

Last Wednesday, we met a college friend of mine at the zoo in Norfolk. It was a nice, breezy day and H3 seemed to have a wonderful time! (H4 was cranky for most of the day, except for the first few minutes)

One big smile!

The ever-attentive big sister

She loved the tiger!

The giraffe came over to say hello

All I can think of is the story my dad told me about a dinner they had at his workplace one time and the centerpiece meat was an ostrich leg....

We've been taking it a bit easier this week since H1 and H3 both have colds.  Though I've still been introducing some new things, we've been taking time to review things she already knows, like the states, various signs, shapes, etc.  I'm excited by how much she's already learned and how much she's enjoying everything.  She asks me every morning if we can have more school!


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