Tuesday, September 11, 2012

H3 Turns 4!

Yesterday my sweet little H3 turned 4 years old!  After a special breakfast time with H1 and I, she worked on some school work for a bit before coming with me to a Beth Moore Bible study that I'm attending. We followed that up with lunch at McDonalds and a trip to a park.

In the evening we had pizza for dinner and cake.  Now, I have yet in invest in a good cake decorator kit. Mine is an old cheap one from I don't remember where, and it decided to break on me in the middle of this project, so the white icing had to be done via ziploc baggie.  And at that point it was getting so late, I decided not to finish the whole thing with the white icing because it's just getting eaten anyways! So please excuse my slightly failed attempt at my daughter's requested castle cake. This was my first try at anything like this, so I'm just happy that it was edible.

Fortunately, H3 was delighted and didn't notice anything amiss!

It was just H1, H3, H4, and I, and my parents via Skype.  Pop-pop Skyped with us before cake and presents because he had a school board meeting.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter! Four years ago I had no idea what kind of ride we would be in for.  You bring so much laughter and joy to our home and I'm so thankful that God has given me the privilege of raising you.  I look forward to our new adventures this next year.  I'm so proud of you sweetie and couldn't be happier to be your mom!


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