Saturday, March 4, 2017

Changing Stages

I knew we would go through a lot of changes as a family, and in the past year there have been so many. This past week, we started on another journey...the journey of our eldest child and braces.  No, she doesn't have them on yet, but she will be getting them late this summer. On March 1st, we had an hour and a half consult with the orthodontist, looking at x-rays, discussing treatment plans, and lastly the financials of our new journey.  *shudder*  In all honesty, I am so thankful that we live in a country that offers relatively easy access to dental care. I had to have extensive work on my teeth, and Shannan will go through a similar journey.  With Amberlyn and Lizzy in the care of our friend Amanda, I took the opportunity to take Shannan (and Declan) out to lunch. We talked more of what is to come with her braces, but also just chatted about life. It was a really, really good afternoon for us and I enjoyed my time with her.

Here are some other pictures of life over the past couple weeks.   

This past Friday night, our church hosted a movie night.  We showed Finding Dory and had 27 people in attendance.  I made cupcakes, and jello with Swedish fish and whipped cream on it.  Amanda made cookies and provided blue Gatorade and goldfish to round out our snacks for the evening. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and we hope to have another movie night in the future.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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