Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Break

Before I share the fun stuff, let's chat about today.  Declan got a bath and Lizzy is currently in one.  Me?  I'm still in what I wore yesterday. As in, I took a shower yesterday and threw on a t-shirt and yoga capris and I'm still wearing them. On the other hand, I have 2 piña colada cakes ready to go for tomorrow night and these little rice krispie treat nests ready to go for snack time at church tomorrow!

It's a few minutes shy of 4 in the afternoon and I'm still working on a cup of coffee from this morning. Oh, and I just ate my lunch (a bowl of Cheerios). But I also got my lesson plans done for the next two weeks of our CC (homeschool) group, so all in all, I'm feeling pretty ok about the day so far.

Now, on to Spring Break. I don't normally do much with Spring Break, or have one at all, seeing as Josh gets a 4 day weekend but not a whole week off. This year, I let Amanda, Pam, and Sarah talk me into joining them up in Rapid and the area around for some fun activities. We visited Reptile Gardens...

and went to a trampoline place.

We went hiking....

and to parks.

And to end our week, Shannan completed her Memory Master proof with her CC tutor, which means she had to remember roughly 500 pieces of information involving history, science, geography, English, and Latin, and be able to recite it without help. I'm so proud of her!

We celebrated with cake pops and having Leah spend the night on Thursday with us. I made cinnamon rolls in the morning.

And that ends our Spring Break week!  We are slowly winding down with our AWANA group on Wednesday nights, preparing for an ice cream social, awards, and a presentation to the families of what we have learned this year. That will be in May, and then we will begin our Summer Wednesday night programs that will take us through the camp season. Camp is so close. I can hardly believe it's coming again already. And I'm so, so glad that I won't be pregnant through it this year!  Hehe. Now, if we could just do something about AC. Josh and I both had major dental stuff come up and had to pay for significant work on the truck, so there went our tax return this year and our plans to buy window units for this house.  I'm hoping we can at least secure one. It is downright toasty out here in the summer!

I'm off to fish my little Lizzy out of her bath and check on preparations for tomorrow's Easter service. I'm excited for our kiddos to be singing in church and hopefully reciting a Scripture or two. 

I'll sign off with this. He brings life and makes all things new.

Blessings to you, and Happy Easter!


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