Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In Cleveland

Greetings from Cleveland, OH! The weather is absolutely gorgeous up here. Mid-70s and no humidity, compared to the mid-90s and high humidity we left back in VA. Such a nice change! The trip up here was pretty uneventful and we arrived around 10pm Sunday evening. H3 wasn't the biggest fan of her new carseat, but she managed ok. This new carseat doesn't recline as much as her infant seat did, so her napping wasn't as easy as it used to be. She still did ok and was pretty happy most of the way. Yesterday was a big recovery day for her so she was a bit grouchier than usual. This morning she woke up back to her normal self and has had fun playing with her toys in the living room, to the delight of her grandmother (Mom).

Mom has been doing pretty well since her surgery. Her recovery has gone better than expected, so we are very blessed. She's getting around the house on one crutch and with some moderate pain from the surgery. I make sure she sits down plenty and ices that knee! I took a look at the surgery site last night when we re-wrapped it, and it looks like the doctor did a really good job with it. There isn't much swelling either, so that's good news. We'll be taking her to an appt on Thursday morning for an evaluation and I'm expecting the doc to agree that it looks good.

I'm still waiting to hear results back on the test. Supposedly I should find out by the end of this week, although it's not guaranteed. I did find out that one of the guys proctering my test is known to fail people for silly, non-legit reasons. Apparently he has the god-complex that a few in the medical field have, and I was told that he faults some of the students for things that aren't really a big deal. That wasn't the news I wanted to hear as I'm waiting on the results. Argh! Just praying that this will all go through ok. Sooooo nervous!

I've taken a few pictures so far and will try to upload some on my parents computer later tonight!


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