Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner time!

I should have taken pictures tonight, but I didn't. Tonight's dinner was homemade mac n' cheese with steamed broccoli. I just took a blueberry crisp out of the oven a moment ago. It smells heavenly in here! Seriously. Blueberries are one of my favorites, so I'm pretty sure that scent has to be wafting through heaven somewhere!

Today was such a neat day in my Sunday school class. Once a month (the 4th Sunday), I teach a class of 8-11 year olds, mostly boys. This morning we had 5 boys and 2 girls, a small number out of the 14 on our class roster. In November, around Thanksgiving, a 2 ½ year old boy in our community was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The family didn’t go to our church, but many knew them. Since there was a 0% chance of recovery, the parents opted to not put little Mark through chemo, since he was already in so much pain and they didn’t want to cause him more. Over the Christmas season, our church raised money to help with his medical expenses, and a couple of the men took over a poinsettia, as a reminder of our prayers for Mark and his family. We prayed for a miracle, but God decided to take this little one home this past Friday. As a mother of a 2 ½ year old myself, my heart just aches for these parents.
This morning I grabbed some of my card making supplies and brought them to my class. After the lesson, which I shortened a bit, I asked the kids if they would be willing to make cards for Mark’s parents. All of them seemed to be happy about the idea and I watched them work for the remaining bit of class time. Picking up the cards afterwards, I was blown away at the tender words of my class. I had to set them aside to dry, since most had used either regular glue or glitter glue somewhere, but our pastor is going to collect them tomorrow and take them to Mark’s parents. I thank God for the sensitive hearts of my children in class. I’ve been teaching them since August, and have grown to love each of them dearly. They make me laugh with stories of life at home, bickering with their siblings, video game trials, and the challenges that come with being that age. I want to cry every time I hear one little boy who consistently, every Sunday, asks me to pray for his dad. These kids are so aware of what is going on around them and without hesitation will share their pain and ask for prayer. God speaks clearly through children, and I am amazed at the beauty and receptiveness of their minds.

I did sorta get a job, though I’ve turned it down because of the commute. It was for a tutoring position in the Norfolk public school system. The pay was certainly good, but the drive was too long to offset the cost. A dear friend has volunteered to watch H3 if a different position comes up, which it may this Spring. I’m hoping so. I would like the opportunity to tutor like this, and it’s only for 1-2 hours a day, 2x a week, so I wouldn’t be away from home much. I just need the tutoring location to be closer! The tutoring company said they would call if another position opened, so it’s just a waiting game.

Spring is approaching, and though it’s still Winter, my thoughts are already there. Spring is the time for job openings. I’m not saying we’re going to move. Only God knows that one. What I do know is that somehow, 2011 in general will have to bring change for us. This Spring closes out 3 years at this school system. They have been a good 3 years, but hard because of the insurance situation, which has continued to rise each year and other benefits have been cut, but no raises to offset the costs. Change has to happen for us this year. I have faith that God will do that. He knows that we cannot financially do another year like this. Something has to give, even if it’s just a complete year of health for all of us. This year has to be different. So as January is almost through, my hope is looking forward.

Oh, on this week’s agenda? Lots of cookies! I’ve been asked to make ginger snaps and brownies for the school secretaries and the basketball teams (by my hubby and one secretary who said she loves ginger snaps). Baking in my kitchen brings me so much happiness, so I’m already looking forward to this week!


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Robyn said...

tonight's dinner sounds amazing... as usual! ;) YUM! :D
Can't wait to cut down my hours and cook and bake for real again... other than the fast batch of choc. chip cookies since I don't have to look up the recipe! lol
Totally understand the "change WILL have to happen this year" sentiment... as you know! It will all work out! Because God's taking care of it! That's all I know, and I'm clinging to it too! :0)
Also - gingersnaps = mmmmmmmmm ;)