Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quoting Obama

I recently realized that I use Obama's campaign slogan on an almost daily basis...in reference to changing my daughter's diaper! "It's time for change." I'm sure he would be so thrilled with my usage of his (formerly) favorite phrase. Hahahaha! I think that might be the only useful thing for me about him being in office....

This week has been pretty chilly so far, so H3 and I haven't been taking our usual walks to the Post Office. To help supplement the lack of exercise, I went back to my treadmill. My treadmill and I have a love/hate relationship. I bought it 4 years ago and have certainly used it quite a bit--the belt is wearing out. I walked and jogged about 2 miles daily up until I was 6 months preggo with H3, and then began using it again a week after I had her to help with the preggo pounds. This last year I've been more about walking outside instead, since H3 enjoys walking with me. H3 was pretty interested when I unfolded it and started walking. She stayed next to me, eyeing it the whole time. When I was finished with my routine, I slowed it down to 1mph and put her on it! H1 was there that evening and took some pics while I stood (very closely) behind her and monitored.

Yesterday I made brownies and chocolate chip cookies for H1's middle school basketball team. Though they didn't win tonight, the kids played really well against a tough team. H1 said he was proud of them, and I am too. He has a good group of kids this year. They work hard and most seem to have really good attitudes.

H3 is sleeping now. I put her to bed a few minutes early and she was almost asleep before I even got her in her crib. Poor baby. She was up later than usual last night, almost an hour past bedtime since we got home late from a basketball game (a j.v. and varsity game). Today she did pretty well, despite being sleep deprived, but certainly crashed during naptime and tonight! I've mentioned before that H3 likes to use slightly unconventional learning tools. This morning, it was spoons. She went to the silverware drawer and pulled out a bunch of her spoons and laid them out on the kitchen table. She counted them, then rearranged them, and counted again, and repeated for about 15 minutes. I enjoy watching her work. She's so entertaining!


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