Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keeping Busy

This last week was absolutely beautiful. The days were in the 70s for the most part and it only rained during the day on Tuesday. I finally set up that sand and water table that I got for H3 on Wednesday. She absolutely loves it and has been asking to play outside with it every day since then. I’m so glad we were able to get that for her. I love seeing her so excited and getting a chance to explore.

We’ve also been taking lots of walks, to the post office, to the grocery store, and just around the block. Most of the time it’s been at least ½ a mile. She has turned into my little energizer bunny! On Friday I had a doctor appointment for a check-up on my thyroid. It was pretty much a poke and go appointment, so I was there just long enough to get blood work done. After that, we met up with my college roommate, Amber, at a park and had lunch and playtime. H3 really enjoyed seeing Amber again.

The weekend was wonderful too! H1 went to a worship conference at our church. Since he’s on the worship team, he was playing too. My friend Robyn came as well. I got to see her in the evenings and mornings, since I stayed home with H3, but I’m so glad for the time we had. We stayed up waaaaay too late talking and laughing. It’s so much fun to have a friend here!

On Saturday I took a short drive north and picked up a dollhouse that I found on craigslist. It’s one of the Loving Family dollhouses, normally $70 brand new. If you buy it brand new in the store, you will get the house and the family (dad, mom, and twins), and a kitchen table with a couple chairs. My craigslist deal included all the accessories: sound and light kitchen set, living room, den, van, horse, 3 bedroom sets (parents, nursery, girl’s room), computer room, outdoor play set, and some other miscellaneous sets. I priced the stuff brand new at Walmart, and each little set sold between $9 and $18 per set. Looking at what I got, I’d estimate it’s worth to be at least $200 and all of it was just bought in December! It’s hardly been used, and I paid barely over $100 for it. We’re going to spread everything out. H3 will get the house and a couple accessories for her birthday this fall, and then the rest of it for Christmas. Some of it will be from the grandparents too (both mine and H1’s dad). I’m so excited. I’d seen that dollhouse in the store and thought it would be so cool for H3, but didn’t think we’d be able to get it because all of the accessories would have cost so much to collect. Granted, it wasn’t the cheapest thing in the world, but I think I got a pretty good deal and I’m happy with it.

My father-in-law will be coming this week. He should be arriving tomorrow shortly after H1 and I return from school (I’m substituting at the high school tomorrow). This week is his spring break at school, and I’m really glad that he’s spending some of it with us! On Friday after school, we leave for Ohio to visit my folks for a couple days. Originally my parents were coming down here to visit, but my mom isn’t up to the trip. I’m just hoping that she’ll be feeling okay when we’re up there.
We’ve been really busy these past few weeks and I’m loving it. I think we thrive on having a packed schedule. It helps to keep us structured and it’s fun. God is so good. He’s given us so much over the past couple months and just blessed us, and I’m so thankful.



Mrs. Taffy said...

I love the sand and water table! I used to have something like that for my older three when they were little, they loved it too! Also, I bought Tirzah the loving family dollhouse for her third birthday, almost 10 years ago! It's still a favorite toy at our house, it's held up to constant play. I hope Shannan loves it too!

Glad you're happy Jessica! Love to hear the joy in your voice!

love and hugs,

Robyn said...

I had such a wonderful time! :) Thank you for inviting me!!!!

And yeah - the loving family dollhouse definitely holds up well! We got it for Ahnika and Talia for Christmas when Jules was just 3 months old, and it still looks the same after over 4 years! They play with their little ponies in it more than the families... but they still use all the furniture! lol ;D

See you guys soon - I hope!!!! :0)