Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

I'm slowly getting back into a routine with the girls. It's taking a lot of focus and I often slide off course, but I am trying!  H4 isn't as eager to have an established schedule like her older sister was.  H3 put herself on a strict schedule and literally ate every three hour exactly with a good night of sleep.  H4 is everywhere with hers, asking to eat anywhere between 1 and 3 hours apart.  When she is awake though, she's pretty alert and watches everyone intently.  Blessedly, both of my girls love taking walks.  I am trying to re-establish the morning walking routine with them, where we take a 1 mile walk around 9a.m. (before it gets too hot).  

Due to the heat and humidity, there are mushrooms in abundance...

H3 has waist-length hair.  Part of the house rules regarding hair is that she can have it as long as she wants, but she is required to allow me to brush it daily and it does have to be tied back during the summer (because she overheats easily) and during mealtimes to keep it out of the food.  She asked me to put her hair up like this yesterday morning.

Sister snuggle time.

We are also slowly starting up little "school" activities, though we won't officially start until September 4th. H3 loves putting puzzles together, so I purchased this foam map puzzle of the U.S.  She has memorized 40/50 states so far, and knows where almost all of them go.

My friend Robyn spent the night last night, along with her three girls and another three that were staying with her (two are there for 10 days and the other is one she babysits during the summer).  Counting my two, there were 8 girls, age 11 and under, plus the two of us ladies. H1 was working until 7, and then he came home and mowed the lawn. He didn't come in until the younger 6 girls were in bed.  Poor guy.  Lots of estrogen in our home!  The girls all had a blast though. We made pizza and popcorn for dinner last night (and brownies), and watched Newsies.  Then the girls (minus H4, obviously) played a round of KGB. It made for lots of giggling and screaming, and was rather amusing to watch them all trying to hide in various rooms of my house.  
This morning we had coffeecake and scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Afterwards, I brought out some of my card making supplies and let the girls have at it with the stamps and stickers.  A couple made birthday cards, and then some made cards for their teachers or parents.  Here's a picture of all of them at the dining room table.

Robyn's oldest is helping H4 with her card.

H4 with her card

Having run and enjoying the ride,


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