Friday, August 3, 2012

Goodbye For Now

This first week in August is about saying "Goodbye for now."  Yesterday, H1's grandfather went home to be with our Lord.  He was H1's maternal grandfather.  (Both of H1's paternal grandparents passed away while H1 was very young.)  H1 was close to his grandfather and I know we will all miss him, but we are thankful for his legacy and that our goodbyes are just for now and we will see him again.  The funeral service will be held on Monday in New York and H1 is leaving on Sunday afternoon to attend. I don't think the girls and I are up for making the trip, since H1 is planning on driving back directly after the service to be at work on Tuesday morning.  That's a lot of driving in a short amount of time, which is hard on little munchkins.

Another goodbye is coming up this weekend. Unless a job and house open up in the next couple days, a good friend of mine from church is moving to Maryland.  Her 6-year-old daughter is one of H3's best friends, and those two girls have been playmates for the last two years. I know H3 is going to be asking where her friend is, and I've tried to explain to her about moving, but I'm not sure her mind has wrapped around the idea.

For now I'm taking a moment to breathe and we'll see what the rest of the month brings.


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Mrs. Taffy said... sorry! Sending my love and hugs!