Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enjoying Warmth, Christmas Baking and Homemade Candy Canes!

Last week we had some unusually warm (low 70s) weather. It was gorgeous!  A college friend of mine is a nanny in a nearby city and she suggested meeting up at a local park with her two charges to get all the munchkins from fresh air. We decided to have a picnic lunch as well.  It was a wonderful couple hours and all the kids slept great that night!  Haha.  

The two babies having some tummy time (mine is the one on the right)

There is a large "sandbox" area for the kids to play in

watching big sister building sand castles

What a cool playground, right?  This is only 1/4 of it!

Helping Mommy make candy canes (before you think I'm nuts, that burner is NOT turned on while she is up there!  she was just putting the ingredients in and mixing them before I turned it on).

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are working on some lessons from the ADVENTure of Christmas book, and here is another lesson with a yummy craft (I tend to gravitate toward edible crafts, in case you haven't noticed).

It's time for Christmas sugar cookies!

H3's sprinkling masterpieces

There's no such thing as too many sprinkles.
I love this season. I love the joy and anticipation. I love the baking and the games we play together as a family. I love reading the Christmas story to my girls and talking with H3 about the Gift God has given us, and I love watching as she is beginning to slightly grasp what that means.  I love the memories I cherish of my own family during this season as a child. And I'm thankful.


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