Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love Is

Last night, December 4th, 2012, my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. I want to take a moment to honor their commitment and share what they've taught me about love.

Love is patient, love is kind.  Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  These, God's descriptions of love, are what my parents have demonstrated to me in their marriage.  There are so many examples I could give, but seeing as that might be several hours of typing, I'll share a few.

My mom has been dealing with significant pain from multiple injury sites going back around 17 years now, so over half of their married life.  I have watched my dad go out of his way to take care of her, often spending long hours with her at odd hours of the night and early morning.  He has shown his love in his years of dedication to helping her with all the little things that have to be done in a day to keep her going, like organizing her medications, breakfast and hot coffee in the mornings, dinner, dishes, laundry, and a lot of the cleaning (since Mom isn't physically able).  

My mom loves to surprise my dad with presents and making special treats for him.  It's so sweet.  On the phone with me she'll talk about her plans to make something for him or get something she knows he likes. She also writes cute little notes on everything!

Growing up, I have so many memories of Dad coming home and giving Mom a kiss when he came in the door.  On some random occasions, he'd bring her a bouquet of carnations too, her favorite.  

When I was little, Mom would sometimes take me up to meet Dad for lunch at Taco Bell or Burger King (across from where he worked).  She'd usually call ahead of time, but occasionally we'd just show up at the shop and ask if we could join him.  Mom made a lot of effort to make sure they (and me) spent time together.

They date.  In earlier years, it would often be taking a walk at night or going out for coffee.  Those dates are still often coffee dates, though they do go on more dinner dates now that they don't have a kid in the house.

Dad calls Mom every day during his lunch break.  Every day.  He's been doing that since before I can remember!

They still snuggle on the couch and refer to each other with terms of endearment. 

My parents frequently say "I love you."  I think this simple thing is one of the most significant for me. They verbally express their love for each other, and I think that is so important. Love is acted out, yes, but it still needs to be said!

Over the years my parents have shown me so many valuable tidbits on what love is.  I'm thankful for the examples they have shown me. Congratulations Dad and Mom!  I love you both!

December 4, 1982


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