Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday H1

I feel like I hit the jackpot and am so incredibly blessed to have this man. He is a wonderful husband and father and my best friend. He might be a bit odd for what I expected before we got married. For example, he can come across as a rugged type with his beard and sometimes shaggy hair, his love for hiking, mountain biking, and pretty much all sports, and his enjoyment of things like tinkering on the car, chopping wood, etc. On the other hand, he loves to shop (grocery and clothes and just plain ol' window shopping) and go to yard sales, and was the designer of our Christmas cards last year and the year before (this year he made a few, but I had bought a pack to send out before he got the chance to make more). For most of our marriage, he has had more shoes than me, until he recently decided to discard a few pairs in our efforts to have fewer things in the house. He is a fabulous cook and a wonderful teacher both at school and at home. I wish I had videos of his story times with H3 and all the animated voices he'll do! I'm not sure where playing guitar and singing fall into all this, but they fit there somewhere.

Today my sweetheart is turning 30. Happy Birthday H1!

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