Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick trip

Yesterday after church, H1, H3, and I headed down to Virginia Beach, although we took a slightly scenic route through Suffolk (on purpose this time) to see some of the beautiful houses on the waterfront. When we arrive, we only walked around the beach for about an hour before getting in the car to head home. Where we live, it was in the 60's, but there (an hour south) it was maybe in the low 50's or colder, and of course the wind was pretty nippy too.

On the way back, we stopped by Target to see if they had the laundry detergent I was looking for. Of course they were out, but I did spy something in the dollar section that I just had to have.

I thought these ears were hilarious. I put them on her while we were walking around in the store and people kept laughing, so I decided they had to come home with us. She doesn't seem to mind wearing them, except when they fall in her face because the headband is a bit big. Oh well. My poor child. What do parents live for except to take pictures that will embarrass their children in years to come? Kidding, of course, but still.....
Tomorrow night will be my second exam in my EMT class. So far this class hasn't been too difficult, but I suppose this test will be a better judge of that. The instructor has warned it will be harder than the first test. Guess I should do some studying tonight! Maybe that would be a good companion for all the cookies I made this afternoon--Cowboy Cookies, my mom's recipe. Some are with coconut and some without. Yummy!
Dinner and studying are the immediate agenda!

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