Friday, March 6, 2009

Striving forward

Today we're headed up to our realtor's office, again. We've made an offer on a house closer to the school where H1 works and are hoping to hear back soon. The house was forclosed on and is owned by a bank. If the bank doesn't accept our offer, the house is scheduled to go up for auction on the 12th, and then it would be out of our reach. We're tring to hammer out some final details with a loan that we are hoping will go through. The problem isn't on our end, since we are approved for it and easily qualified, but rather that this particular federal loan is waiting for more funds to be available and they aren't 100% sure it will be by the time we want to close. All across the board it's just frustrating and we really don't want to lose this house. The price is amazing and probably the only one we would be able to afford in the area we live in, unless another house forecloses! This is what it looks like.

It needs a little tlc with decorating and landscaping, but nothing I can't handle.

It snowed here on Sunday night for the first time in years. There was only about 3 inches of the stuff, but plenty of ice. Enough that they canceled school both Monday and Tuesday! Main roads weren't a problem either day, but since we live in the middle of nowhere, they don't plough the backroads and the buses couldn't get through. H1 enjoyed both days off though, and we got a lot done around the house--including moving out the futon we sold and bringing in our new couch! We also had a few snowball fights. Even H3 poked her nose outside.

This is the view into our backyard.

I only took her outside for a few minutes, since she'd been under the weather last week. Apparently though, that under the weather has continued and she woke up from a nap on Wedn. with a body temp of 103. I took her into the pediatrician and she has some sort of bacterial bug and fluid behind both ears. Here's to the first round of antibiotics. Yesterday she still had a fever around 101 most of the day. Today it's been close to normal, so far. Just praying she will get better!

Lots more to do and I have to pick up H1 from work today. Hopefully more later....

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