Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunshine and Summertime

Have I mentioned that Virginia is a tad warm? It was pretty hot in Lynchburg during the summer, but this area we live in now is downright miserable. I’m so grateful that in less than two weeks we’ll be heading up to camp! Today’s forecast is sunny and 98. It’s been like that all week so far and tomorrow is more of the same. H3 and I’ve been playing outside in the mornings for a while, but we head in by 10:30 since the temps have already hit in the high 80s at that point! Ugh. And the mosquitoes! My word! There is a drainage ditch in our backyard, and since the town doesn’t keep it cleared, it’s rather clogged and is a mosquito breeding ground. H1 has thought about trying to clear it, but that was before we saw all the poison ivy back there. Forget it! If we owned the house, maybe, but definitely not going that far right now!

When H1 came home from work yesterday, he told me someone had left something for me on the front porch. Yep, he sure did leave something for me!

Our new shed. H1 and I spent a few hours putting this thing together earlier this week. I’m so grateful to have it. Now I can get the carport cleaned out so H3 can play in the shade some days!

We have two little pools. This is her old one that I got for $6 a couple years ago. It’s great for convenience, but she prefers the inflatable one we got her last week. I am relocating that one to the carport, so that’s why she’s using this one at the moment!

Now I'm going to go hide in the AC and plan out some INDOOR summertime fun.


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Mrs. Taffy said...

Yuck! It was 102 here yesterday! I hate that kind of heat! I'm so thankful for A/C!!

Mike would be so jealous of your shed. He's probably going to build one this summer!

Stay cool!