Thursday, June 2, 2011


Well, suffice it to say that blogging in May completely escaped me! We spent the entire month running. I have 0 pictures from our anniversary, May 20th, but we did have a good evening together. My father-in-law surprised us with a visit on Thursday, and he stayed through Saturday so he could watch H3 while H1 and I went out to dinner. I thought that was really sweet of him!

Then on the following Tuesday, H3 and I drove to West Point to see my friend Robyn for a couple days and let H3 play with her girls. Robyn and I got talking Tuesday night and stayed up a little too late. We realized it was 4am and decided to save our chatting for the next morning! It was so nice to hang out, and I even got to sit in on the youth group meeting that was held at her house--a thoughtful bunch of high schoolers, and very energetic!

H3 and I came back from West Point on Wednesday late afternoon, then packed for our trip to Ohio to see my parents. We got home Monday evening around 10pm, and H1 headed back to school the next day. Now we’ve got a little over 2 weeks left before going to NY for summer camp.
Ok, I think that about sums up May in general. The good news is that I took a few pictures during the month, so here we go!

Air show at Langley Air Force Base, May 14th. I was volunteering for emergency crew standby, so H1 and H3 hungout for the day together.

Jared's 3rd birthday

Blue-barb pie! Mmmmm.

H3's first slumber party with a friend, Tamar (age 5). Pancake breakfast in the morning!

Robyn and Julietta in Robyn's office

Jules and H3 being silly!

Up in OH, at Chagrin Falls

My dad making fried chicken--so amazingly delicious!

H3 making french fries to go with the previously mentioned chicken

H3 got a new slide, so we took it out front to play on

My mom, with H1 in the background

Giving Grandpa a kiss

H3 playing at a McDonalds

H1 pointing out that parents can play too (in reference to previous pic)

On the way home!

New slide in our backyard.

Grandma got me a new bow!


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