Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Update

On a follow-up note from my Monday post, there was not too much new to report from my trip to the doctor and the midwife. Initially, Dr. Fuller thought the ultrasound tech's pictures showed the dark space on our baby's palate to be gone, but when he started looking at it himself, he did find it again. He told us that there is a possibility of it being a high arch, but more likely to plan for a cleft palate. In his conversation, he sounded so sympathetic and sweet, and very positive about H4's future. I have appreciated meeting with him both times, though especially on Monday. His first words when he walked in were "I just finished looking at the ultrasound pictures the technician took and you have such a beautiful baby!" He's a very kind man who I can tell genuinely loves what he does, and loves helping out families. He even asked if he could see some follow-up pictures after H4 is born and hear how everything turns out because apparently, the perinatal department rarely gets to see the babies in person after the birth(just for the ultrasound). H1 really liked talking with him too. Here's a 3D of H4!
My meeting with Jean, the new midwife, went very well. I really liked her and am happy that she'll probably be the one delivering H4. I say probably, since she will be my primary care midwife, but there may be another midwife on call when H4 is born. I'll be meeting the other midwives at the practice sometime during the next few weeks. We have a hospital tour set up for May 6th, so I can figure out where I'm going when it's time. This particular hospital is actually a Catholic hospital, funded by a group of nuns and completed only a few years ago. It's designed after Assisi, Italy (and named for St. Francis of Assisi). It's one of the most relaxing hospitals I've ever been in, and I've seen quite a few. There are beautiful gardens and fountains everywhere. The information about the hospital said that in the designing process, the nuns wanted it to be a place of healing for the patients and their families. So far from what I've seen, they did an excellent job. It's certainly not a cold environment and H3 should be well entertained while having to wait for me and H4! That's all the update for now! I'll post if anything changes. ~H2

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Mrs. Taffy said...

It's amazing how much your new baby looks like Shannan! I never got a 3D image! So cool! I'm glad you are happy about where you'll be giving birth, that's so important!