Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dinner and Attic

This afternoon, I decided to modify a tuna quiche recipe that I grew up with. I added a small package of spinach (the frozen variety, defrosted and drained) and some dill. It turned out pretty yummy!
I also made H3's favorite black bean brownies this afternoon. Yummmmm! H1 isn't a big fan, but H3 and I are!
Over the past couple days, we have been working to finish the painting in the stairway, put flooring in the attic, and at the same time clear out the garage so there is more room for H1 to work. The ceiling in the stairway needs one more coat of white paint at least, and I think we'll be doing that tomorrow night, along with a couple places of touch-up paint that I spotted last night (from places I missed while painting it on Sunday). Last night and today have focused on our little attic space, which is now available for use. Here's my little spot, accessible through H4's bedroom. H1 was sitting in there, starting to put a tote in the corner when H3 came flying in and plopped on his lap. Let me clarify that she was starting to get ready for bed, thus the shirt (and underwear) on with her boots, but no pants....
The view looking in from the bedroom.
Yes, that's the furnace and the ductwork behind me. There's a decent amount of height, just not a lot of space thanks to the unit, although I'd prefer to have central heat than the attic space!!!
H1 peeking in at me.
The tiny floor space (that does extend to either side, if you duck under the vents and a better look at the furnace set-up.
Well, that's what's going on in our house right now! I've been working this week with H3 on her states and writing letters. She can write a handful of letters now without a problem, and I'm encouraged at her progress since she was previously not interested in even making an effort! My technique for memorization of the states has a major flaw, but I knew that from the beginning. I am teaching her the states based on a couple different U.S. puzzles. Having a child who loves puzzles, that seemed to be the best way and sure enough, it works pretty well. The problem is that she remembers states right now based on where people live. I ran out of states fairly quickly this way, so I'm having to work on coming up with more creative ways for her to remember the names. Alaska and Texas seem to be two favorite dates. Go figure, she likes the easy ones! Have a wonderful evening. ~H2

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