Sunday, April 29, 2012

Look What We Found!!!!

In our area, most of the yard sales are either church yard sales or community yard sales, and the season for those is just beginning around here. Our church has one this next Saturday, actually, with 29 "vendors" signed up to sell their stuff. In the meantime, during the "off season", H1 and I frequently hunt on craigslist for things we need. Pretty much all of our furniture is either from craigslist or Ikea. This past week, H1 was browsing craigslist, keeping an eye out for a workbench for our garage. In our old house in Brookneal, H1 had an entire 1300 square foot, open concrete floor basement to himself for his tools and workshop. It was his "man space" and his project area. He loved it. Since we moved to this area four years ago, he hasn't had a space of his own. His tools have been shelved or boxed away for the most part, or stored at a friend's house. No longer! We have a garage, and it is his to enjoy. While he was looking on craigslist, he found one he really liked and sent the link to me. I took one look at the price and called the guy immediately to tell him we wanted it. Below is the picture that the guy had online.
This workbench is a 4' x 8' plywood construction, and the guy also built that custom hutch to go on top of it. He threw in a Craftsman Vise and another wood shelving unit (3' long x 7' high). Pretty much all of it was new in the last year or so, barely used. All this for $100. The estimate on the wood by itself to get at Lowes is more than that, and the vise would have been $65-75 to purchase separately. I'm so happy for H1, and happy that we were able to get this for him. He loves his work space and is so excited about reassembling this workbench and getting started on some new projects. ~H2


Mrs. Taffy said...

AWESOME!! What a great find! Thanks for linking up!! :O)

JJ said...

Thank you Mrs. Taffy for letting me link up!