Thursday, July 19, 2012

Look What We Found - roadside sale

These were actually found about two weeks ago, the day before H4 was born. I just didn't get my post together before she arrived!  That Saturday morning, we decided to go to a diner for breakfast and there happened to be a little yard sale across the street, so after we ate, I stopped in!

A princess dress-up dress, a ballet leotard (H3 will be taking ballet this fall), and a Gap fall dress, $3 each

This is the kind of odd purchase, I know. The set needs cymbals and a foot pedal, but since it was only $40, it came home with us. We have discovered that H3 not only loves drums, but can actually keep a beat. I thought this little splurge would come in handy to figure out if this is an instrument that she will be able to play in the future.  We are going to clean it up and get the missing pieces and give it to her for Christmas.  

It's once again in the 90s and low 100s, so for now I'm staying inside and hiding from the heat!



Mrs. Taffy said...

Mike would be so jealous about the drums. I will NOT let him buy them!! Where would we put them? There's not place...but he wants them SO badly! lol Ah the noise! Glad you like them! We are hiding from the heat too! Phew! Looking forward to fall!

JJ said...

The idea is, if she has talent and enjoys playing them, there would be an electronic set in her future...when she's a lot older, and that way I won't have to listen to the noise then. :)