Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Snapshot of Christmas and New Years

We had a busy Christmas and New Year's.  We started off the weekend before Christmas with a visit from Auntie Amber, at which time we put H4 in a little decorative sled and took pictures.

H3 got a pedicure from Auntie Amber

I made white chocolate dipped ginger snaps
 My father-in-law came to visit for the week of Christmas.  We really enjoyed having him here, especially the girls.  They adore their Pop-pop and offer him many smiles!

Christmas morning in my living room

Don't you love her curls? That's what her hair does fresh out of the bath, no product. Not kidding!

H4 is quite a fan of brightly colored paper and bows

We love building with Pop-pop

A few days after Christmas we drove to Ohio to see my parents. This was their first introduction to H4. 

We spent a couple nights playing "Settlers of Catan"

H3 loves looking at the Nativity with Grandma

My dad went sledding for his 51st birthday!

Building a snowman - if H3 looks a little out of it, well, this is at the end of her running a 103+ temperature for four days. Should she be outside? Maybe not, but coming from the South where we almost never see snow, I couldn't deny her a few minutes outside on two of the days....

The sledding crew

H1 and H3

Dad going down the hill

Despite H3 and I fighting a nasty virus for several days (ok, a week) during our vacation time, we had a wonderful time with both Pop-pop and my family. I'm so grateful we were able to see both of them while H1 was off of school. At home, we logged quite a few hours playing Candyland and My Dog Has Fleas with H3. It was busy and fun, and tomorrow (Monday) we head back to school again. H1 starts back teaching and we pick up again with home schooling.

And so begins 2013.  Blessings!


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