Monday, January 28, 2013

I Don't Do Small Children

I know I've mentioned before the size of my children. To put it in perspective, I'm all of 5'3", so not that tall. I'm pretty much the shortest girl born in my family for a couple generations, I think, other than my mom.  The rest of my family is very tall (and H1's is even taller) and therefore the height of my kids shouldn't surprise me and yet it still does. I've always thought H3 was tall. She was a long baby to begin with and has always stayed at the top of the charts for height, though near the bottom for weight (I have to buy her skinny cut jeans if I don't want them to fall off, because even the adjustable waist bands of other pants are still too big!).   H4's recent 6-month check up showed her at 17lbs and 27 inches long. She is holding the same course as her sister in height, but her weight is 3lbs more than H3 at the same age!  I thought she felt and looked like a big 6 month old. I was right!  No wonder I'm already starting to pull out 12 month size onsies.

Ach!  My girls are growing up way too fast. I guess I'd better not blink, cuz they'll both be taller than me if I do!


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