Friday, January 18, 2013

Homeschool Recess, Chilly Day Entertainment, and a Dusting

I should probably explain first of all that we live in southern Virginia, which means that our winters are usually very soggy with little snow. It's often chilly and windy outside as well, so spending a lot of time outside isn't much of an option. I get stir crazy, as does H3. Once in a while, I decide enough is enough of the indoors and we don raincoats and rain boots and splash in a few puddles (then come inside for a bath and hot cocoa).

We also make tents and forts out of sheets...

Little elephant craft for the letter "e" and sound of "e" as in "egg" and "elephant"

We got a dusting of snow last night. Isn't it pretty?  I know, I know, everyone who lives up north will laugh at what I'm calling snow. But as I stated earlier, this is Virginia. Southeastern Virginia. We don't get snow, so I'll take what we can get!  Too bad it's been raining for the last week straight and my backyard is underwater. My next lesson should be on Noah's ark...

Winter greetings!


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