Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am Mom. I spend nights up with sick kiddos, even when I'm fighting a cold myself. There are no "sick days". When I'm sick, I still make lunch, give baths, teach school, change diapers, read stories, and take my older child to swimming, dance, etc, with baby-ness in tow. I smile, because my children are worth it. They are worth pushing through when I feel like crap and want to stay in bed. Though there are some days where I don't want to hear my name being called, I'm still thankful that is who God has allowed me to be.

On that note, I did get tired of hearing "Mom" every couple minutes this past weekend, so I told H3 that she had to call me "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" any time that she wanted to talk to me. I can't say it worked perfectly, but it did slow down the "Mom-ing" for a bit and caused a lot of laughter from H1, H3, and me!

Today, amidst a million and one tissues from my sniffly nose, we made a little play-dough volcano and watched it erupt. I can't remember how it even started, but H3 suddenly began talking about them and asking questions, so I rolled with it! I'll have to post pics of our little experiment later, but I can share the link for a good video that I used.
National Geographic Volcano clip

H3 asked to watch this short clip about 5 times today! She was so excited about it, and even began to "teach" her little dolls and stuffed animals about magma and lava. I love watching her get so excited! It wasn't on my original agenda for teaching today, but I've learned to take advantage of good teaching moments with H3's curiosity. When she's in a mood like today, she rarely forgets things we talk about and can sit in rapt attention for long periods of time.

I am starting to collect things in preparation for next year's schooling. H1 and I are still in discussion about how that will be taking place next year. H1 wants me to be open about sending her to a local public school next year, though he said he will support me if I decide to continue instructing her at home. We haven't made a decision one way or the other, but even if she does go to school, there are some materials I would be purchasing anyways because I know there will be other things I need to work with her on. She loves the All About Reading curriculum we've been going through along with the sign language.

Well, I thing the sudafed I'm taking has sufficiently messed with my ability to hold a train of thought, so here shall be the conclusion of this popcorn-ish post. Thanks for hanging in there!


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