Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Quick Notes

I've got two things that I wanted to share quickly. The first wasn't originally going to be posted, and that is the fact that our central heat has suddenly decided to have a hiccup, on a weekend that it is supposed to be below freezing no less. I'm thankful that we have space heaters, but it's still going to get chilly in here! When I called today, the soonest they would get someone here is Monday. Sigh.

The other note is more important for blogging purposes, and that is that after this weekend, we won't have Internet for the next month. I got tired of arguing with the company that we have to go through and am basically cutting it for a month so I can pay an extra $30 less per month after we sign back up. Charter is a pill and I could say so many things about how much I despise them, but I'm gonna keep my mouth shut. All that to say, there probably will not be any posting until mid-March or so, unless I can sneak over to the library for a quick update. See you next month!


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