Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's and Bacon

Of all the celebrated holidays, Valentine's Day usually goes at the bottom of my list of favorites. I generally think of it as an over-hyped up holiday, but it does afford me the opportunity to make extra cookies to keep around the house, and brownies, and a few other goodies. H3 has been decorating cookies with me on several occasions over the last week and it builds a good memory for us.

H1 and I usually exchange cards and small presents.  This year I decided to try being a bit creative.  A while back, he'd showed me a picture he saw online of bacon roses that he thought looked really yummy. I laughed at first, and then thought, why not?  So for this year, I sent H1 off to work today with his lunch, a couple egg & cheese biscuits for breakfast, and this bouquet of 14 bacon roses!

I almost caved and ate one.  They smell really yummy!  

There's a part of me that really wants to write something meaningful and sappy right now, but one kid is already running full-steam and if I ever want to get my shower before baby-ness wakes up, there's not time for sentimental. Sooooo......

Happy Valentine's Day!



Robyn and Candice - by R said...

Those are amazing! They must have taken you forever to make! :)

JJ said...

They are a lot easier than you think! And my house smells fabulous.

Mrs. Taffy said...

I am sure your husband is feeling the love! They are perfect! And if he took those to work, I'm sure he was the envy of EVERYBODY there! Bacon=love