Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bean Burrito or Nothing

Sometimes you have a day. You know what I'm walking about. It's that day that starts off bad and continues all the way through, and you just duck and roll with punches, because prayer is all you can do. Nothing in the physical realm will change the reality of things going wrong during these days. I just had one of those. I'm not going to go on about it and share all the crummy details (suffice it to say that the day started off with almost 3 hours at the health department).  I'm sure you may have very well had one of those days today too. I empathize with you. What I will do is relate my most recent conversation with H3. If you have met my daughter, you can imagine the vocal tones that go with this conversation. If you haven't met her, then imagine something sassy.

For dinner tonight, we had chicken and steamed green beans. I know they are not H3's favorite, so I told her that if she ate what I portioned for her and was still hungry afterwards, I'd heat up a bean burrito for her. Surprisingly, she did eat everything on her plate and a little while later came up to me.

"Momma, I want a burrito. No! Orange chips!" (A.k.a., Doritos that she knows are in the pantry at this house)

"I told you earlier that you could have a burrito. Orange chips are not on the menu tonight. You've had enough snack-type foods today."

"I want orange chips."

"If you are hungry, I'll make you the burrito."

"Orange chips."

"You may have the burrito, or you may have nothing if you aren't hungry."

"Orange chips."

"Burrito. Or nothing."

"I want orange chips."

"Last chance, burrito or nothing."

"Burrito." (Spoken in a bit of a sullen tone.)

I made the burrito, and I'd like to note that it was consumed on seconds. No more mention of orange chips. And we had a delightful time reading stories before bedtime.

Here's to surviving the day by the grace of my Savior! Now on to dealing with an aromatic diaper that just walked by....


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