Friday, May 4, 2012

New Dishwasher and Dinner Experiment

We closed on our home back in early March. The weekend we closed, the dishwasher in our new house flooded our kitchen floor. Ah, welcome home? Anyways, I put a call in to our home warranty company to get the ball rolling. I never thought that home warranty would be a big deal, so I didn't push for it. The gal who handled our mortgage really wanted us to get one though, and managed to write it in and have the sellers pay for it. It has taken almost 2 months to get this new one, but the benefit is that we got a top of the line model without paying anything for it. First they had to go through the motions of trying to fix the old one before finally ordering the new. The new one was put on back-order, but finally arrived last week. A couple days ago, it was finally installed!
I'm so thankful to have a new dishwasher. It might seem like a little thing, but it certainly saves a lot of time--and my hands! In honor of my new dishwasher, I experimented with a new fun dish that night. I made a regular cheese pizza for H3, but for H1 and I, I made 3-cheese and spinach calzones. They were sauce-less on the inside, so we dipped them in a marinara sauce. They turned out pretty good. When I make them again, I'm going to add feta, I think.
The best part about having a new dishwasher is the easy cleanup after all my projects! Yesterday, I made brownies for the men's group at church, and then H3 helped me make peanut butter cookies with little peanut butter chips pressed in the middle. So delicious! Praising God for the little things, ~H2

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