Monday, October 8, 2012

State Fair and Leaf Painting

Our family does not visit the state fair every year, but once every couple years we do make an effort to attend and see what they have to offer. This year was a bit smaller than years past, but we still had a wonderful time. A fabulous petting "zoo" welcomed us at the gate.  There were baby goats, piglets, yaks, lambs, alpacas, and even a water buffalo. H3 was so excited and went from pen to pen, wanting to feed and pet everything!

Auntie Amber came with us too.

Pony ride!

H3 slid down this huge slide with Daddy and Auntie Amber while I hung out with H4.

We stayed at the fair for most of the day. I bought enough tickets to ride the Ferris wheel once with my family, but H1 and H3 got wrist bands and rode lots of rides together, along with Amber. I'm so glad we all went. It was a wonderful day!

I saw a leaf painting project on Pinterest and decided to check it out with H3.  I thought this blog had some great ideas, so we joined in their craft ideas.  H3 really enjoyed them for the most part. She's not too keen on getting her fingers dirty, but the project held her attention long enough to finish!

In the past week our school progress has been a bit slower.  Between the allergies and colds running through our house and H4 still waking up a couple times per get the idea.  H3 has still been doing very well and she really enjoys our school activities.  She has been taking more interest in learning to write her letters, which has been exciting for me. I'm so glad that we're moving forward in this area!  


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