Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things I'm Learning From My Daughters

  • Take time to sit and look out the window. There's really a lot to see out there, and I might miss the rainbow if I'm buried under a pile of laundry.
  • A bouquet of fall leaves can be very exciting.
  • Squeal with joy in a pumpkin patch
  • Most of the bad things about today will be forgotten when the sun rises tomorrow, and if they aren't, chances are they will heal quickly or get washed in a load of laundry.
  • Sit and read a book occasionally (while kids are awake, not asleep). Not only is it entertaining, but it provides a moment of quiet.
  • Change your perspective.  Life looks really different lying on your back.
  • Sing random songs at the top of your lungs throughout the day. Why can't life be a musical?
  • Dandelion poofs were made to be picked and blown.
  • Ceiling fans can be hypnotic.
  • Don't cry over spilled popcorn.
  • Remember to use your imagination.
  • Laugh more. Some of my favorite moments in the day involve giggles.
  • The housework will always be here and there will always be something to clean, but they can wait. I blink and my girls are growing up, so I need to take time for what's important. If my house is less than perfect, that's ok. My children will most likely not remember that there was a dust bunny or two floating around, but they will remember the time that I take to be involved with them. I'm a type-A, OCD personality, so this one is a challenge for me.
  • Confronting my areas of weakness and asking God to help me overcome them is vital. I do not want my children falling victim to my same insecurities.
  • Each day is new and should be greeted with joy.
  • It is never too early in the morning to smile or laugh.
There's a lot more that could go on that list, but those are my thoughts over the last couple weeks.


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